The Top 11 Hiring Trends in SMBE Finance and Accounting

SMBE Finance and Accounting

As the world rapidly changes, more and more businesses are turning to small and medium-sized business enterprises (SMBEs) for their financial and accounting needs. The reason for this is twofold: SMBEs offer a more personal touch, and they are often more nimble than their larger counterparts. This has led to an increased demand for qualified […]

The 10 Qualities of Successful Interim Project Professionals

Successful Interim Project Professional

Successful interim project professionals have many qualities in common. They are often masters of several disciplines and can wear many hats. They are able to quickly adapt to new environments and get up to speed on new projects. They possess strong communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. And they are able to manage their time effectively […]

Best Practices for Hiring High-Performance Remote Employees

Best Practices for Hiring High-Performance Remote Employees

C-suite and leadership teams wake up each morning and conclude each day strategizing and executing upon their unique competitive advantage. And when it comes to offering a remote work culture, organizations are finding that adding this feature to their ‘who we are’ vision statement is serving as an asset to attract candidates and build high-performance […]

Making Hiring Processes Mutually Transparent for All Parties

Making the Hiring Process a Mutually Transparent Experience for Candidate and Employer

It’s no secret that the hiring process can be a daunting experience for job seekers. From submitting your resume to going through rounds of interviews, it seems like there are endless hoops to jump through just to land a job. And for many talented candidates, the thought of interviewing with a company that’s openly transparent […]

Multiplier Effect Helps Increase Woman-Held Leadership Roles

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Serving as a trusted guide providing executive recruiting and project resources is a privilege. Every day at Katalyst Group, we seek to do just that — to help build high-performance teams and support professionals in reaching their career goals. But we also have a pressing objective — to empower women to go for leadership roles […]

Best Practices for Negotiations – Compensation and Employment Terms

Best Practices for Negotiations – Compensation and Employment Terms

Negotiations can be challenging to navigate in any business. Whether it’s real estate, M&As, or employment, negotiations help parties reach mutually beneficial terms.  However, the crux of successful negotiations hinges on the parties engaging in open communication while seeking to reach mutually beneficial terms. Some negotiations are not negotiations at all, but simply a clarification […]

Katalyst Group’s Best Practices for Managing Through Human Capital Changes 

Managing Through Human Capital Changes

Great news! Your company has committed to give back to the local community through launching a new community engagement initiative with a local not-for-profit. Everyone is excited for this new opportunity to give back to the community – but there’s a slight catch. Since your team has the best track record in the company for […]

Remote Workforce

Remote work

Seeing more people walking around downtown Chicago, an increase in traffic, and lines at your favorite lunch spots may be all indicators of returning to the office but thinking about the number of virtual meetings over a given week, it’s safe to say that the remote workforce is still going strong. While employers may be […]